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  • Async

    Do you like meetings? Going back and forth? Nor do we. So we made it easier. All in Notion

  • Notion

    Everything is done within our custom Notion page. Upload/drop files, comments, briefs, revisions... it's all in one place.

  • Unlimited teams

    Share access to the notion page with unlimited team members, so all your team can participate.

Membership benefits

All the goodies

Professional designs

Top-notch design and quality. You'll never need to go anywhere else, nor you'll want to.

Let's make it!


With experience in a multitude of processes, your designs will comply with the manufacturability requirements of your projects.

Fast delivery

Designs delivered in avg. 3-4 days

You will receive your designs one by one, within 3-4 days. Multi component designs will take each components as a separate project.

Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning

Send us the parts you need to 3D scan and we will do so with our high end high resolution scanner.

Fixed monthly price

No surprises here. Same price each month

Yours only

All your files are 100% yours.

Unlimited design requests

Add as many designs to your board as you'd like. Set priorities, get your files one by one.


Why use Arcade?

Keep your expenses simple. Keep the professional quality.Avoid the high costs of an in-house designer on payroll, the hassle of dealing with freelancers and the huge markups from creative agencies. One price per month, one point of contact and a constant stream of quality projects delivered.

What we can do and what we can't

To make it simple, we mainly focus on parts to be manufactured. We don't offer 3D gaming assets. We can generate renders, but not photorealistic renders.

What if I don't need Arcade for a period of time?

With Arcade, you can pause your subscription anytime. Let say you use Arcade for 20 days and pause it.Then a month later you resume your subscription, you will still have the 10 days unused before being billed for the next month.Or simply cancel, however, we don't refund the prorated amount. So we encourage you to cancel at the end of your billing cycle.

What about parts that need 3D scanning?

Who are the designers?

It will mainly be me, Dylan Demnard. I have extensive experience in the automotive industry and manufacturing custom parts (mainly aluminum and carbon fiber). I have worked in design agencies designing multiple products for large corporations like Visa or the NFL. On some occasions, your project will be partially developed with help of other designers I have worked with on various prior projects. I know their strength and will leverage that to your advantage, for the sake of efficiency and quality.‍

How many part do I get per month?

As an average, you will receive each file within 3-4 business days. Some projects are easy and quick (like a door handle or phone case), and you might get them within 24h. Others are more complex (like modeling a bumper or reverse engineer an engine block), and will require 5-7 days. If you need more parts per month, you might be interested in the Pro plan.

Always yours

Your projects and files will always be your property and we will never use them with other clients or sell them.

How does it all work?

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a link to your custom Notion page.From there you will be able to upload and describe your project in depth. By adding photos, google drive files, text, priority levels and anything you feel like we would need, we will all be up to speed in a timely manner.You can also upload multiple projects and creating a project queue. They will be created in the order of creation or priority level you select.From there we will work on the part, communicate via the comment section of your notion page and then deliver the file via it's dedicated google drive link.

No meetings?

If you need to, we can always meet online. However, we strongly recommend to put the effort of describing your design brief in the Notion page. This avoids communication conflicts, properly defines the projects from the get go, and saves time for everyone.

Membership levels


One request at a time.
Pause or cancel anytime

What is included:

  • One request at a time
  • Average 56 hour delivery
  • Unlimited projects/components
  • Easy Credit/Debit card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime


Two requests at a time.
Pause or cancel anytime

What is included:

  • Two requests simultaneously
  • Average 56 hour delivery
  • Unlimited projects/components
  • Easy Credit/Debit card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime

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"Design is where science and art break even"

Robin Mathew

"Design is intelligence made visible"

Alina Wheeler

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