Electric Car Conversion

Turn your beautiful gas guzzler into a beautiful AND powerful electric car.

Bolt-On kits

Bring us your antique car for the latest electric car conversion technology available.
Our Bolt-on kits allow for an efficient conversion process and keep your car as OEM as possible with full retrofitting possibilities if you will ever want to come back to an ICE...but you'll never want that ;)

Porsche Conversions

We have bolt-on kits prepared for most antique Porsches. Bring it to us and we will estimate the full cost for you dream car.

Volkswagen Conversion

We have bolt-on kits prepared for most antique Volkswagen. Bring it to us and we will estimate the full cost for you dream car.


Full custom conversions

If you want more than a "regular" conversion, our custom conversion offers you the most.

Full custom service includes:

  • Custom skate battery enclosure. Skate enclosure allow for more trunk and frunk space, extremely low center of gravity and better cooling capabilities
  • Custom frame redesign with hidden or visible roll cage
  • Custom high performance suspension design
  • Upgraded brake
  • Full digital access to all controls via main screen or custom switch, knobs and displays.


The EV02 by Momentis.Lab is a high end fully redesigned homage to the extraordinary BMW 2002.
Built fully In-House, electric powered.

EV02 by Momentis.Lab
Coming 2021

  • A homage to the soul.
    A statement from the future

Inspired by antique lines, created with high technologies.

The EV02 is a high end electric car based on the iconic BBMW 2002 from 1970.

Unlike other electric conversions, we packed a 75KW skate battery below cabin, bringing the gravity center to the lowest point possible. This offers an unparalleled driving experience and responsive handling.

The complete body, interior and frame is fully redesigned using carbon fiber, aluminum and hand made components by experienced crafstmans.

250+ miles range, 416 hp, 443 lb-ft of torque.

Coming in 2021 / Inquire Now!